PSS has its own R&D department, which holds a large expertise in development and innovation to provide solutions for the oil and gas industry.


As a result of years of research, many coating designs have been patented in Argentina, the US, Brazil and other countries. PSS has developed internal coatings for steel pipelines, including a patented cutting-edge thermoplastic coating system, called Innerbond ™. Innerbond ™ has been developed to be used in gas and oil pipelines when corrosive substances, such as sulphydric or carbonic fluids, are present. Its innovative design prevents internal corrosion in steel pipelines. In addition, its high performance allows this product to compete with clad pipes, due to its lower cost and short lead time. Innerbond has a patented joint system, which allows it to weld pipes using conventional methods.


PSS has developed a steel pipe connection system using mechanical fit. PATSSLOK has been praised and partially financed by the FONARSEC (Argentine National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion), as an innovative and highly-technological project.