The products will be manufacture to transport oil, without the necessity for contaminant chemicals.

If you had to personify the Argentinian economy of the moment, the approximate image would be a novice juggler walking on the tight rope, without stability, nor help of any kind. Even so a group of businessmen choose to invest in Nueva Galia. They will reuse a plant that haven’t been in use for three years. There, they will coat tubes to maintain the oil temperature, without having to use import chemicals, nor contaminant substances. “At first the products will be destine to Mendoza and to Vaca Muerta, the shale oil field in Neuqén, with which Argentina could have the energy self-sufficiency that we lost eight years ago due to a lack of investments”, explained in few words Franco Andreani, who tops the project that “Patagonia Shale Services”, a company that belongs to the group Andreani, carry on.

According to what Andreani explained, this is a zone in which the oil is in a hard stage for extraction, because is very heavy and it is housed in a non porous area. “big investments are being made to place new technologies, this is what is called non conventional oil. They are big reserves that could allow Argentina get out of the importation dependency”, he said. The plant, that will work in the puntal location and currently is in the stage of construction and adaptation, will take four months to put in the necessary conditions for it to start working and, depending of the work volume required in the company, fifteen people for turn will be needed. “We are beginning to hire people so we can train them specifically in the tasks that they will have to perform”, said Andreani and he explained that later they will have to wait that the oil companies, between them YPF, make a plant qualification. The calculus made by the businessman indicate that in June or July the productive activity will be full.

“The idea of staying in San Luis appeared because we already knew the old owners. We offered them use the equipment that was out of use, they accepted and later we started contacting the people that used to work at the plant”, he specified. The building is located over the route 88 and posses a big logistic advantage because is located between two access routes, to Mendoza and to Neuquén. “It is about a spout of polyethylene, coated inside with a type of polyurethane more rigid than the known one, which interior also has another smaller tube made of steel. This tube will drive the oil, which will maintain its temperature and will arrive ready for the distillation process” he described. The tubes are use to work with innumerable products and are fabricated different types of thickness and sizes. “It is a technology that prevents the use of imported chemicals, that dissolve the paraffin and pollute the environment. Now the oil will arrive to the distillery and there they will retire the paraffin, that is used for other things”, he said. What seduced Franco Andreani to invest in Nueva Galia was the tranquility of the zone, the culture of work that characterize the province and the support of the mayor Viviana Beatriz Moreyra and the senator Sergio Freixes.

Nueva Galia will have a tube coating plant