YPF hosted the meeting that reunited the leaders of the Latin American oil companies with big multinationals of the service, local industrialists and the supplying chambers of the O&G sector. With the participation of Miguel Galuccio and the minister Débora Giorgi, the challenges and opportunities of the region in the import situation were analyzed.
The non conventional had a central chapter. The value of the hydrocarbon production as an invigorating element of the economy, able of transform the industrial value chain, was the central point of the encounter in which coincided: the government, the Latin American oil companies, international services industries and small Argentinian industrialists. Pemex, Ecopetrol, Petroamazonas, YPFB and PDVSA, are some of the companies that, together with YPF, gave testimony of their vocation for replacing import supplies for national ones, under the heat of an increasing demand generated by the transformations in its management, the planed inversion volume, the biggest hydrocarbon production and the modernization of its productive processes.
In the same way, the directives of services companies, known as the big investments players at an international level, expressed themselves. Many of this players already put their foot on Vaca Muerta and are planing important investments in the Argentinian non conventional sector.
Representatives of Baker Hughes, Schlummberg, Halliburton and Weatherford expressed to an auditory full of avid businessmen, wanting to place their products, the necessary conditions for the local industries to win terrain in the path to energy self-sufficiency.
According to the testimonies gathered by the representative of Shale, “quality and sustainability” are the words that summarize what the companies expect of the long time relations with its suppliers.
Achieve this condition, adding to the improvement and the international standard certification, is the grate challenge that the small and medium metallurgic, chemicals and technological companies must overcome to benefit from the more than u$d 600,000 millions in investments that, according to industry minister Giorgi, will arrive to the O&G sector of the region in the period 2013-2017.
The presence of the minister, along with the YPF’s CEO, was one of the outstanding points of the first regional encounter of the oil and gas industrial chain, organized by the Argentinian oil companies and the Industries and External Relations ministry.
Débora Giorgi maintained that “we have to achieve an efficient importation situation, articulating the public and the private, to keep developing the hydrocarbon regional industry”. For its part, the Ing. Miguel Galuccio, host of the encounter, stressed that the reunion “is a good first step to create the block of the ten most important oil companies in Latin America; a decision that will give us the opportunity to generate synergies to boost the region’s development”. Knowing how to contribute to the opportunity will be the key that will mark the future of Argentina, its economy, its energy matrix and its industrial sector.

Argentinian industrialists get ready for the local boom in O&G