Vast industrial background

The founders of Patagonia Shale Services own a vast industrial experience. They have designed, installed and commissioned more than 30 coating facilities worldwide to produce different types of internal and external coatings for steel and ERFV pipes. PSS accomplished the installation in Argentina of the first continuous line of thermal coating for conduction pipelines, using proprietary technology.

Latest technology

PSS presents “PSS Thermal System”, an innovative solution to the temperature’s issue in the fluids linked to the sedimentation of the paraffin crystals and the CO2 control, allowing important advantages for the developments of the Shale industry in the region.

The industrial plant located in Nueva Galia, San Luis, had been approved by the YTEC (YPF’s qualification entity) and the ISO 9001 normative. Since 2014, PSS has installed thermal coating for YPF, Chevron, Tenaris, Tubhier, Petroplastic, among other clients.

The thermal coating for steel or ERFV pipelines are increasingly used by the oil companies that operate in the region, with the purpose of maintaining the adequate temperatures of fluids that are conduced in the conventional oil and gas deposits, as well as in the non conventional.

Why thermal coating?

  • Elimination and/or reduction of the formation and precipitation of paraffin.
  • Elimination of the chemical products necessary for the distribution of viscosity (solvents, etc.).
  • Elimination of the interventions with Hot Oil/Hot Water.
  • Reduction of the back pressure in the mouth of wells and the lines well-battery.
  • Elimination and/or reduction of obstructions in conduction pipelines for low temperatures.
  • Capacity of combination with other technologies (Ex: heater belt, internal coating).
  • Total elimination in the formation of hydrates in the gas lines, provoking obstruction and corrosion for containing water and other corrosive components that are soluble in woter, CO2, H2S, etc.

PSS Continuous Thermal System according to EN 253 normative

PSS Thermal System is a system of production of thermal coating made of polyurethane foam, with polyethylene exterior protection, produced with high homogeneity in continuous conformation. This grants the following advantages:

  • Higher insulating capability because of the size and uniformity of the polyurethane foam cells.
  • Visual control of 100% of the thermal layer, suppressing the possibility of false fillings and/or big bubbles.
  • Possibility of coat long extras pipelines (Double Joint).
  • Foam system free of aqueous base or freon contaminants.
  • High productivity to comply with short term deliveries.
  • One stage production without necessity of polyethylene tubes pre-fabrication.
  • Homogeneous density both longitudinal and radially.
  • Less material waste and leftovers re-utilization for the manufacturing of fittings in field.
  • Possibility of coating thickness reduction without affecting the product quality.
  • Aptitude for the coating of different materials tubing (steel, ERFV, flexible, etc.).

PSS has a continuous coating production line unique in the region.