Thermal coating in steel tubes

This system is utilized for the transportation of cold and hot fluids in the range of -40ºC to +100ºC.

The thermal isolation consists of an injected polyurethane foam layer and a high density impermeable polyethylene external shirt. This application is specially indicated for buried conduction lines, of simple installation and with a broad range of accessories with the same isolation and protection technical characteristics. The thermal isolation can be applied over the steel tube naked or with its anti-corrosive protection (FBE or Tricapa), maintaining a uniform foam in all the volume and protected in its exterior by a resistant and impermeable layer of high density polyurethane.

Thermal coating in ERFV tubes

The system is used for the transportation of fluids with exercise temperatures between -40ºC and +100ºC in plastic pipelines.

PSS continuous process allows to thermally isolate, without any damage, Epoxy tubes reinforced with fiberglass (ERFV). Expanding the utilization range for this type of product, since in operation, the necessity for usage of the Hot Oil system to sweep the paraffin deposits with scrapers or high temperature systems (Hot Oil, Calderines, etc.) is eliminated.

Thermal coating for high temperatures

This system is utilized for the transportation of hot fluids in the -40ºC to 350ºC range.

The characteristic of this system is the incorporation of a calcium silicate (CaSi) layer previous to the polyurethane foam one, lowering the temperatures in contact with the foam, preventing its damage.

The calcium silicate thicknes is calculated for each particular situation, verifying that the temperature gradient obteined for the CaSi – PUF superfice is the right one.