Neuquén industrial plant

PSS already owns 5 hectares awarded in the new terrain of the Neuquén industrial park, next to the new province airport, orientated to the oil services companies. There is various companies already installed in the same property, such as: Weatherfort, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Calfrac, Tenaris, among others.

The new PSS plant will begin its construction once the industrial park becomes fully operational. The installations, in ongoing design process, will incorporate the latest market technologies. He proximity of the oil corridor, that connects the industrial park with the highest production activities zone, will allow PSS to coat pipelines in double joint.

Nueva Galia, San Luis plant

This plant is strategically located in the crossing between national routes 188 and 148, allowing the reception of tubing from all the country manufacturers, and its direct delivery to the oil fields of Neuquén and Mendoza.

The installations have more than 2,000 covered square meters, 38,000 m2 of stockpile deposit area and a crane bridge. This characteristics make this the plant with the highest surfaces dedicated specifically to the production of thermal coating in the region.