Protective coating in pipes

We apply high performance protective coatings in the tubing, prefabricated, perforation bars and conduction lines for the purpose of avoid corrosion, abrasion and improve the flux of the fluids.

Inner coating Innerbond

Its an anti corrosive coating manufactured with thermostats epoxy resins specifically selected according to the characteristics of the service and the aggressiveness of the product to be transported at -20°C and 200°C in temperature.

The resins can be phenolics, polyurethanes, epoxides or based on fluopolymers among many others.

Thermoplastic coatings

In the case of production or injection tubing, new or used, is accepted the coating with liners, that posses the advantage of endure the wear of the well tools as also the mechanical pumping and simultaneously prevent the deterioration product of the corrosion.

PSS uses liners manufactured with different thermoplastics such as: polyethylene, polypropylene and poly-amides that allow a wide range of temperatures.